Two to Play


These shoes have a story behind them – a little bit of history… if you like!

I first set eyes on these beauties back in February, back when it was freezing cold, snowy and when I was constantly dreaming of sunnier climates.  The minute I saw them, I knew I had to have them.  So I ordered them and they arrived soon after – Happy days!!

I don’t know how or why but for some crazy reason unknown – I decided I actually didn’t ‘need‘ these shoes and that I should do the ‘right thing‘ and return them.  I’m not actually sure what I was thinking but anyway this is what I did – I returned them.

Since then, they’ve always been in the back of my mind. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have returned them’ kept going through my head.  Months passed and I didn’t do anything about it.  That was until a few weeks ago…

I was on holiday in Egypt, having a smashing time, relaxing and enjoying myself when I received an email from Kurt Geiger – Oh noooooooo!! was my immediate reaction to the notification of a sale – quickly followed by severe anxiety at the fact I was unable to physically go to the store.

Desperate times call for desperate measures…

I went on the Kurt Geiger website and immediately typed in ‘Two to Play‘.  The result was overwhelming! Not only were they reduced to half price – they were OUT OF STOCK of my size!!! Major panic ensued – I had to get these shoes no matter what!   I searched google for other stores selling Kurt Geiger which is usually pretty easy when it comes to the Miss KG or Carvela range but when it comes to Kurt Geiger London Collection, there is only a select few places selling them.

It must have been my lucky day – John Lewis had one pair left in size 37 – result!!! I immediately added them to my basket and proceeded to the checkout.


These bad boys are now back where they belong…


Happy Days x


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