Catching up…

Apologies for the lack of posts this week – only started this blog one week ago and I was determined to post every single day.  However, this is easier said than done… It’s difficult to find time to blog most days so I need to start making time.

I have been tidying and sorting my wardrobes today – after a busy week, it was good to organise everything. I like my things to be as neat and tidy as possible, yes I do have a little bit of OCD but I’m the first to admit it.

This is when you realise you have TOO much stuff – I came across a pair of shoes, never worn – totally forgotten about and they would have been perfect for my recent trip!

IMG_1508Suppose there’s always next time…

Whilst organising, I noticed I tend to buy duplicates of shoes and clothes.  It seems that if I really like a pair of shoes, I sometimes buy two pairs so that when the first pair is worn out I have a new shiny pair at the ready.  For example:

IMG_1516My lovely sandals from Dune.

As you can see, the pair on the left are totally done thanks to the Arabian Sands but the pair on the right are still fairy colourful and vibrant.

IMG_1517Another example: A pair of shoes I sometimes wear to work – a brand new shiny pair ready and waiting!

Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me being a little bit crazy?

IMG_1532Created some space for my recent purchases 🙂

IMG_1278Happy Girl!



IMG_1561 - Version 2


IMG_1569IMG_1583I’m always looking for new ways to store/display my shoes – currently using this Ikea storage unit which works quite well.

IMG_1486Another recent purchase – maybe I should think about doing some exercise…


IMG_1527Bedside Table

IMG_1289My Language Library – Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French.



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