Curly Hair, Don’t Care


I’m stuck in a bit of a hair rut at the moment.  My hair is the longest it’s ever been – which is amazing!! but I am struggling to find things to do with it now its SO long.  I am constantly rotating 3 different styles which is getting very monotonous.

When on holiday, I love just letting my hair go and I don’t care if its big and curly.  Back here, I don’t really leave my hair to dry naturally so I always dry it with the hairdryer, mostly for convenience – I don’t really have enough time to let it dry naturally.

So I always style my hair like this:


Or this


Or Super Duper Curly




Any simple idea’s on how I could change it up a bit would be greatly appreciated.



4 thoughts on “Curly Hair, Don’t Care

  1. Your natural curl is so beautiful! I also have naturally curly, long hair and one of my favorite (and fast) go-to do’s is a side fish-tail braid. It’s incredibly simple and the fabulous thing about it is that it can be as polished or messy as you have time for and still looks fabulous! Also a bonus, if we wavy-haired girls braid a fishtail in when our hair is wet, it dries perfectly for gorgeous minimal-frizz beach waves once taking the braid out. Let me know if you need product suggestions or want me to post a tutorial on the fishtail! I’ll be adding a lot of blogs and how-to videos on how to wear hair natural and easy but beautiful!

    Anna Joy (Hair Artist & Beauty Writer)

    • Hi Anna

      Thanks for your comment. Fish-tail braid sounds awesome, totally love that it could be polished or messy! Would be very interested in a tutorial as I’m not the best at pleats.


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