Latest Buy

I first saw this dress back in April when I received an email advertising Free Next Day Delivery…

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 07.15.37

I Immediately headed to the Warehouse in the hope of purchasing this dress.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have it so I kept checking each week, hoping it would one day appear in the New In section.  After a few weeks passed and no sign of the dress coming on the website, I emailed customer services, explained the situation and asked when it would be available to purchase.  I got a response stating that the dress was part of the Summer Collection and they didn’t know when it would be available – GREAT!

Not the response I was hoping for and left me feeling a bit annoyed – whats the point in advertising something if you have no idea when it will be available!!

Anyway first world problems, life goes on…

The dress appeared on the Warehouse website last week and I was immediately drawn to purchase.  However, the sale had just started and I just had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before the dress would be discounted.

Right enough, on Tuesday during my lunch break I had a sneak peak on the website and there was the dress – discounted to almost half price!

So after months of waiting I finally received it today.  I have to say, i’m not 100% sold on it – sometimes when you wait a while for something, you can be easily disappointed as your expectations are so high.







So now I have the dilemma – To Keep or To Return?

Honest opinions welcome.



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