Emirates : Journey to Dubai










In June 2012, I achieved my dream and made the move from Glasgow to Dubai to join Emirates Airline.  I always wanted to be an Air-Stewardess and was overwhelmed to have been successful with Emirates on my first attempt.

For those who don’t already know… the process of joining Emirates is extremely difficult and lengthy.  First you need to pass the application process which consists of an online application, an Open Day, an Assessment Day then a Final Interview.  The competition is tough and there is always a high turnout at the Open Days.  After your Final Interview the average waiting time for the Successful or Unsuccessful decision is roughly 6 weeks – YES SIX agonising weeks!  I’m sure everyone knows what it’s like waiting to hear the result of a job interview and it’s tough waiting even just one or two days.  Those 6 weeks were probably the longest of my entire life so far!

If you receive the ‘Successful’ result you were hoping for, that’s when the fun really begins…

Chest x-ray / blood tests / vaccinations / smear test / dental x-rays + any filings/dental work required

Although you’ve been ‘Successful’ – All of the above need to come back clear/complete in order to actually progress to the next step, which is…


As mentioned in my Packing Part 1 post, moving 3500 miles across the world is certainly not easy!

On June 18 2012 I made that move…

I’m extremely grateful to the late Evelyn Clarke for taking the pictures featured in this post.


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