Ain’t always what they seem!

What do you do when you have everything you ever wanted but you find yourself disappointed?

I didn’t mean for that to rhyme – honestly!

Well, I found myself in that situation and it turned out I wasn’t alone…

Growing up, some people know EXACTLY who they are and what they want to be but for others it isn’t so simple.  I always thought I would be an In-flight Stewardess (Trolley Dolly), if only it were that glamourous HA HA!!  For various reasons, I didn’t want to work for a UK Based Airline and decided to wait until I was 21 to apply for Emirates.  I was extremely fortunate to be successful on my first attempt.

I thought the job would be perfect for me.  I would be living in Dubai with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, not to mention travelling all over the world and I’d have the ability to use my language skills every day – what’s not to love you might think?



Where do I start?  It’s funny how we imagine things in our mind and perceive things totally differently to reality.

I always try to keep an open mind and not get ahead of myself.  I was prepared for it to be difficult, I didn’t expect it to be easy and plain sailing and it most certainly wasn’t.

I won’t go in to detail as only those who have been in the same situation will understand where I’m coming from.  But the life in Dubai just wasn’t for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time and I wouldn’t change the experience for the world.  I’ve made the greatest friends and I’ve learned so much, mostly about myself and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.  I’m a better person today because of the experience.

Deciding to leave was probably the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life – so far.

What do you do when you’ve got everything and nothing at the same time?

I had the job I always wanted – how could I not be happy?

Well, that’s when you realise what is most important in life.

For me that’s the simple things, like family and I decided it was more important to be near my family than on the other side of the world.

I know many people don’t enjoy there job and a lot would think and do think I’m crazy to leave the lifestyle and opportunity I had but it takes a stronger person to walk away.  Too many people nowadays stay in a job that totally drains the life from them.  Some people don’t have the option to change and I appreciate that but others are afraid of change, afraid of what might happen.

I absolutely made the right decision for me.  I am happier now than I’ve ever been and I’ve got peace of mind knowing I tried, I gave it a go.  I achieved my dream – how many people can say that at 22?  Shame it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped it would but that’s OK – that’s life…

We live and we learn and we make new dreams.




2 thoughts on “Dreams…

  1. I commend you on your bravery to go after your dreams. I wish I’d done the same at your age… I know, 33 isn’t decrepit by any means, but there’s a lot more life weighing you down when you get this far.

    I often think how much I’d love to go back and relive the last 15 years of my life, but then I realize that I wouldn’t be where I am now, and it’s just not worth the exchange right now.

    • Thanks for your comment, I totally understand what you mean – life happens and before you know it, you’ve got commitments and things that tie you down. It’s easy to think you would like to relive previous years but it’s so important to remember what you have achieved and if there are things you still want to achieve, think of all the possible ways to do it. Life is what we make of it and if you want something badly enough and are prepared to put in the hard work and effort it takes then you will get there.

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