Lust List

Reflective mood over – normal posts shall resume…

Having just splurged on my new camera, I am on a sort of spending ban.  I don’t know how long i’ll last but I’m going to try my best!!

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a long list of things I have my eye on though…


As featured before, this little French Connection number is top of my lust list for Autumn/Winter

Kurt Geiger Smirk

Torn between these two pairs of boots from Kurt Geiger – The pair above are ridiculously high but I love it! The wedge will make them easier to walk in…

But I do really like these ones too –  dilemma!! First world problems…


Although I already own about 7 blazer, they are all single button.  I like the style of this one as it is more military style  – my only issue is it has a little bit of velvet on the collar!  Anyone who knows me will know – I don’t DO velvet!!! I don’t like the look or the feel of it AT ALL.  Would I be able to put up with it since it’s only a small part of the blazer?

Warehouse Blouse

Pretty lace blouse from Warehouse

Warehouse Shirt

Nice clean white shirt

Warehouse Skirt

Skirt also from Warehouse


ASOS Smock Dress – I like this, simple and easy to dress up or down but not sure if it would make me look preggers?
Zara I’m not big on accessories but this Zara necklace is gorgeous and would totally liven up a simple outfit.

Zara Rock

I’m quite keen on these Zara shoes but I don’t imagine they’d be very practical and I wouldn’t get much wear out of them in the next few months thanks to the lovely British weather.

I think that’s enough for now… otherwise I might breach the spending ban aha!!

What are you lusting after this season?



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