Zara Wishlist

I know my last post was a Lust List but since I’ve been on this ‘spending ban’ – for a whole week, I seem to want EVERYTHING!!!

Why does that always happen?  When you are trying not to buy anything, everything is appealing but then when you’ve got some extra cash to splash nothing seems to take your fancy!

Zara has some amazing new pieces in and I could easily buy the entire shop at the moment – eeeeek!

I thought I’d share some of the items I’ve been checking out…


Confession time: I just breached the spending ban and ordered this cute little trench. Whoopsie!!


Zara Leather


Tried these on in store – gorgeous but for some strange reason I resisted and didn’t buy.  Got a feeling I’ll be heading back for them though 🙂Zara Khaki

I tried this on in the store on Sunday. It was really nice and different from anything I already own – I don’t have anything this colour or style.

Zara Puffer

Zara Leather

Zara Quilted

Zara Bag

I know it’s mostly coats/jackets but that is what I’m looking for at the moment to get prepared for Autumn/Winter.

And Lastly…Office Boots

These boots are not from Zara, they’re from Office but I thought they’d go quite well with any of the above jackets and be practical for all weather.



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