On display

A little while ago, I had the idea to have my shoes on ‘display’.

On display for who, I do not know but I wanted them to be on show even if it was just for myself.

My dad obviously thought I was mental when I suggested the idea of putting  up small shelves up for each individual pair.

Then I saw this from Ikea :

ShoeI know it’s not that easy on the eye but I thought it would be a good way to display at least 8 pairs of shoes…

Having limited space and as it had the ability to hang from the ceiling, it would’ve been perfect in the back corner of my room just behind my bed.

Unfortunately I just didn’t have enough space as it’s actually wider than it looks.

Since then I haven’t really found any other options so made do with a storage unit I already had.

That was until one day last week when I came home from work and found a new addition to my room…


IMG_0224 IMG_0230




TrenchNEW Zara Trench

Trench2FYI – I am wearing clothes underneath!!

Trench CheeseDon’t know what’s going on with this face!

Better outfit posts to come….

So how do you store your shoes? Ideas or Suggestions welcome.



3 thoughts on “On display

  1. honestly? I have a rack, but they’re all piled on it haphazardly… the ones, that is, that aren’t piled on the floor of the closet… or the ones piled on the floor of my other closet…

    I don’t have a lot of shoes… I just have small closets 😉

    • Thanks for your comment KraftedKhaos!

      AHA!! a girl can never have too many shoes so I definitely agree – small closets ;)!!

      I have shoes in many other places and they are not stored as neatly as the ones on this storage unit but like yourself, I’m just short of space and thought i’d put my favourites (the ones I don’t actually wear) on display.


      • LOL… I wear all of mine, or have, at some point or other. A few I don’t wear as often, either due to nowhere to wear them, or comfort issues, but most of mine are ‘in use’… but I must admit, my tennies and my flip flops get the most wear.

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