Auckland, New Zealand

As mentioned in the previous post, I spent 27 hours in Melbourne before heading to Auckland for 28 hours.

Now, 28 hours is a very short period of time when you need to rest, eat, try to see as much as possible then rest again for the next sector.

It makes a huge difference if you have a good crew – it makes everything easier to deal with – jetlag, fatigue, insomnia and all the other challenges that go with the job.

It also makes the trip more enjoyable – 6 days with people who don’t want to explore and just want to stay in the room can be pretty isolating.

I was so grateful to have a nice crew who were keen to get out and about and make the most of the short time we had.

We decided that we would go out as soon as we arrived in Auckland as otherwise we would end up falling asleep and wasting the day.  We arrived around 2pm and headed out to see what Auckland had to offer.

486853_491048817596616_1940372148_n 485656_491049144263250_692211055_n






New Zealand Sign

No escape!


Ifrah 2






Auckland reminded me of home.  It was green and beautiful with lots of steep hills.

We had a great day/night out even though it was raining and a bit cold – it was totally refreshing after the intense heat of Dubai.

I crashed into bed and woke up with just enough time to order room service before the flight back to Melbourne…


IMG_0354 IMG_0355

Then it was back to work…





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