Latest Purchase(s)

Well, the spending ban didn’t last very long…

I finally bought the French Connection Leather Jacket I’ve had my eye on for a while.  It’s gorgeous – it’s a really soft leather which gives a very expensive look and feel. It’s also a perfect fit and I look forward to wearing it through A/W.






After seeing this picture,  I have realised I really need to do something with my hair.  From half way down it looks really orange and it still has SO much red in it from when I had it dark with a plum/red tone like here:

IMG_0005I don’t know what I can do with it as I don’t want to put a normal brown over if the red will just come back through so I’ll need to see how I can get it back to my natural colour without damaging it.



Second purchase was this Celfie Tee


Also got this Celine Tee as shown in my previous post.


 Zara Trench Coat




I’ve never had a Trench Coat before – probably got ever other kind mind you…

It’s lovely and lightweight and can be worn casual like above or it will also go well with a more formal outfit.  The only problem is the light colour – I know it’s definitely going to get dirty easily and the ticket clearly states ‘DO NOT WASH’ well, let’s see how that goes.


The white top above is also new from Zara and has a lovely floral embellishment on it.  Easy to dress up or down and goes with anything! really!

So as you have probably gathered, the spending ban is well and truly out the window!! Whoopsieeeeee!



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