Summertime Sadness

Well, September has arrived, summer is over, it’s definitely getting cooler and the days are getting shorter.  Soon it will be dark when going to work and dark when coming home…

I love Autumn/Winter, they are my favourite seasons by far.  I like wearing lots of layers and wrapping up snug as a bug, it gives me a warm cosy feeling just thinking about it.  I adore the cold crisp mornings, when the sky is crystal blue, the sun is shining bright and it’s icy icy cold!  The leaves crunch underneath your feet as you walk, your nose turns rosy red and you can see your breath as you speak… Bliss!

Still a little while before we reach that stage but until then dressing appropriately is quite difficult.  You need a jacket/coat as its not warm enough without but then you end up hot and bothered…  You need a brolly to tackle the rain but gail force wind interferes and causes havoc! Deciding what to wear is a real challenge.  First world problem of course…

For the month of September, I’m going to try and wear something different to work each day.  There may be some repeats eg. trousers with a different blouse or vice versa but in theory, I will try to change it up.  Thanks to WIWT and this blog, I feel the need to avoid wearing the same outfit too often.  If I wear an outfit I featured the previous week, I tend not to post my look on WIWT as I feel people don’t really want to see the same thing over and over.  I have enough clothes I could probably wear something different every single day for the next year at least so I really have no excuse!

First up : A simple touch


IMG_0410 copy


This dress is from Warehouse, it is extremely high quality, the material is really think and its well fitted and very well lined inside.  I like the lace part at the top, it gives it a bit of a softer, girly look than your regular tailored dress.  This was on Sale recently but it must have sold out as it’s no longer available online.

I styled this dress with my trusty Massimo Dutti heels.  They formalise even the simplest outfit and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of them.  They are so comfortable even after a long day.  They are smart and elegant and add a little bit of class to an outfit.

I wore with a Zara Jacket – it was one of those days where it was still warm enough to wear a light jacket but an umbrella was essential in case of a torrential shower! I threw on a Topshop scarf for a little pop of colour and my Zara Handbag which is perfect for work as its ENORMOUS and fits everything inside.



IMG_0421 copy


photoA picture from behind from a previous wear.

That’s all for day one!



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