This week has been crazy!  A real mix of emotions that has left me feeling very overwhelmed.

Not only did I get a new job – AMAZING!! I didn’t need to attend the Jury Duty I had been totally dreading = Result!

On Wednesday night after a lovely 3 course dinner at my grans , two of those courses being desserts btw,  I received a ‘tweet’ to say I was the winner of a competition I had entered.

I couldn’t believe my luck! Although my friend would tell me it wasn’t just luck – yes, you know who you are!

I have never won anything in my life.  I don’t even usually enter competitions but this one was too good to miss!

Lily Lola is a designer beachwear boutique which has an amazing variety of bikinis, swimsuits and cover ups to ensure you look fabulous on holiday.

They had a competition running to win a beautiful LeTarte White Crochet Cover Up and all you had to do was retweet – how simple!

I entered but I didn’t really think anymore about it as I really didn’t expect to win.

Then I received this aaaaah!


I jumped out of bed as if I’d just won the lottery aha!!

On Friday, I returned from work to find a special delivery…



I’m a sucker for packaging, if something is presented nicely it makes a HUGE difference.



YAS Edit

It is absolutely beautiful!  I love it! I can’t wait to wear it on my next holiday, it will look great with a glowing tan.

Of course it would go nice with any of the 40+ bikini’s I already own but I may just need to invest in a new one when Lily Lola get the next season arrivals in…



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