Last week I got some new furniture for my bedroom.

I’m a bit OCD and I like everything to be organised and kept neat and tidy.  I was struggling for storage space due to an ever-expanding wardrobe and a desire to keep everything and not throw anything away!  I invested in a new chest of drawers and a Tall Storage Unit which now showcases my shoes and bags.

Expedit 1

Expedit 2

Expedit 3

Expedit 4

Expedit 5

This unit has plenty space and allows me to store my shoes and bags but still be able to see them – perfect combination.

Photo 7I also tidied up this unit I already had.

Photo 1

I had big plans for my chest of drawers – I had hoped to get SO much stuff in them but then I came up with the ‘great’ idea to store my bikinis in one of the drawers.  Well sadly, one drawer wasn’t enough and now my bikinis occupy 2 out of the 3 drawers – Oooopsie!

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 10

Photo 11The bottom drawer is now filled with my gym gear just incase I EVER decide to go to the gym or do some exercise…

Photo 8

Photo 9I sorted through my beauty products – I probably only use about 5 or 6 of the above items regularly.  Shocking, I know!

No outfit post today due to sheer laziness – Sorry!



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