It’s Too Late To Apologise…

 While I prepare my Paris pictures, I thought I’d share a few other bits and bobs I’ve picked up recently.


Office 3

Office 2

Office – £70.00

I’ve been looking for a simple pair of boots that will cope with the winter weather but still allow me to stay stylish at the same time.  Unfortunately, the Zara boots weren’t suitable and I’ve since returned.  I wasn’t sure I’d find a replacement, not so soon anyway.

 These are really soft, subtle and quite lightweight. They’ll be perfect for rainy days and can easily be thrown on with jeans, skirts or dresses.

Topshop 1

Topshop £32.00

I’ve been looking for a new housecoat for a little while but hadn’t saw anything I loved.  I first spotted this on the Topshop website and when I saw it in store I just had to have it. It’s really soft and cosy, just what I need in preparation for winter.

Topshop 3

Topshop £18.00

You can’t have a new housecoat without new pyjamas to go with it.  I only purchased the bottoms as I wasn’t too keen on the full matching set.

These are really comfortable, a bit long on the leg but nothing a little turn up won’t fix.

Coming next: Paris Part 1



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