Jonathan Adler for Bare Minerals

I’ve been wearing Bare Minerals Foundation for many, many years and I don’t think I could use anything else now.

It suits my skin perfectly and keeps me oil free all day without drying my skin out.  I love how it’s so gentle on the skin, yet still provides enough coverage to hide troublesome breakouts and blemishes.

Bare Minerals 8 copy

Recently, I was running low and by chance I came across this limited edition Jonathan Adler collaboration which is exclusive to Selfridges.  The first thing that drew me to it was the funky packaging – I’m a sucker for a nice gift box and this was definitely eye catching.  The second thing which appealed to me was the Handy Buki Brush – I was in need of a new brush as my previous one had become a bit rough so this was a bonus.  Last but by no means least and if I wasn’t already tempted enough, the foundation was DOUBLE the normal size.  This was a huge bonus and sealed the deal as it would last me twice as long as usual.

Bare Minerals 6

Bare Minerals 1

Bare Minerals 4

Bare Minerals 7 copy

Selfridges Exclusive – £50



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