The Gift of Giving

People often say ‘Christmas is for the kids, it’s not the same as you get older’.

I tend to disagree with that.  For me, I get so much more out of Christmas now.  My favourite part is seeing the look on your loved ones face when you give them a gift they love.  I appreciate Christmas so much more now and I think that adds to the joy of it all.

It’s more about the time you spend with family and the memories you make rather than the presents you receive.

On Christmas morning, I managed to sneak my mum’s gift downstairs prior to her getting up and then I got back upstairs and awaited her reaction when she entered the room and saw the biggest box with her name on it.


Her reaction was priceless!! I love how your parents get angry with you for buying them something, yet it’s okay for them to totally spoil you…

I received far too many gifts this year but I’m extremely grateful as each and every present is either something I absolutely love, something I need or something I use frequently.  My family know me very well…

IMG_2286 copyIMG_2332





Secret Curl








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