ASOS Coatigan

It’s a messy Top Knot kind of Sunday and the last day off for most people before heading back to work tomorrow.  I’m sure many people will struggle to sleep tonight and I’ll probably be one of them.  I’m quite looking forward to getting back into a normal routine and also heading back to the gym (along with the majority of the population).

For a change, I haven’t ventured out to the sales at all this year.  Having had a few days off, I’ve enjoyed doing absolutely nothing and I’m not even feeling guilty about it as its the first time I’ve actually had time off without having to be anywhere or do anything.  It’s been pure bliss.  Obviously, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t bought anything though, thanks to the world of online shopping.  I’ve mostly been eyeing up SS14 pieces and I’ve been screenshotting any ideas or outfits I like.

Prior to the sales starting, I came across this Coat from ASOS.

ASOS Coatigan

It was £60 which is pretty reasonable for a Coat, I’d say.  Anyway, on Friday evening I had a quick peak at the ASOS sale and I noticed it had been reduced to £24.

A bargain like that is too good to refuse.

I received an email yesterday to say my order would be delivered between 11.16 – 12.16 – How convenient is ASOS Premier, I love one hour delivery slots!


ASOS 1It’s actually more of a ‘Coatigan’ which at first I thought was something my friend had just made up one morning when she mentioned it.

It’s very comfy and casual. It’s quite lightweight though so I’ll probably get more wear out of it come Spring time.

I gave it a short outing this morning when I nipped out to Zara to pick up some new scarves.  I thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh air since I’ve barely left the house in 5 days.


p.s excuse the bad quality/poor lighting in these photos, with it being so dark all the time at the moment, it’s proving extremely difficult to get any decent pictures.



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