Have you ever been in the situation where something you want really bad is out of stock for like forever?  I appreciate this is more of a first world problem but it’s something that I’ve experienced quite frequently recently.

It all started with this Embellished Crop from Topshop.

Topshop Crop

I first came across this back in November when it appeared in the New In Section of the website. Unfortunately, it was already sold out in a size 6 and 8.  I checked for stock in all stores in Scotland but they didn’t have it at all.  I kept checking back to see if it was back in stock but was having no luck.  It didn’t help that I kept getting outfit ideas in my head of how I would style this, what I would wear with it and how nice it would look on holiday with a lovely glowing tan.

At the beginning of December, when I was doing my daily check (how sad) I noticed they had a size 10 in stock in a store nearby.  I immediately called and reserved it and that night I rushed over to try it on.  I don’t know why I thought it would fit – I’ve never been a size 10, never really been a size 8 (sorry don’t mean to brag) but I have a very small waist and even if I’d gained a stone, it still wouldn’t have fitted.

I felt defeated.  As selfish as it sounds, I’ve never not got something I wanted. I gave up checking, it wasn’t to be.

Last week, when browsing the Topshop website looking at what I could spend a Voucher I received for Christmas on, I thought I’d check if it was back in stock, just incase you know.

Well, there it was – in stock in a size 6!  If that’s not fate, I don’t know what is…

In amongst all the rush of adding it to the basket and worrying someone else was going to snap it up in the ‘seconds’ that it was going to take me to enter my card details – I totally forgot all about the gift voucher!!

I didn’t care, I got what I wanted.

Topshop 3TopshopI’ve always believed if you want something bad enough and are prepared to work hard, then you will get it.  Determination always pays off.

And now I can already have spend my voucher on something else…



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