Next To Me

I was lucky enough to receive a Zara Gift Voucher for my birthday back in November (my family know me well).  Usually I spend vouchers as soon as I receive them but since I hadn’t saw anything worth spending it on, I thought it would be best to hold off until the New Season stock started arriving.

When in store a few weeks ago, a handbag caught my eye.

I was desperately needing a new bag for work as I’d wore my previous one to death.  As I take my whole life to work each day (literally), it needed to be big enough to fit a change of shoes and have a separate compartment for my lunch and all the other shit I decide to carry around every day.

This was perfect as it had not two but THREE separate compartments.  The OCD freak inside me was jumping up and down!



Zara Citybag £59.99

One new handbag wouldn’t be enough though would it.


When I spotted the Mini version of this bag and being a lover of all items grey, I was trying to convince myself that I needed a smaller size, more casual, everyday kind of bag and this would do the job perfectly (it also has THREE separate compartments).

My dilemma was resolved when my Mum decided she would buy the Mini Citybag for herself never gonna happen and I could use it when I pleased.  Well since that very day, I can report the Mini Office Citybag has been hanging out alongside it’s buddie in my room. Sorry Mum.


You can find the Zara Citybag here and the Mini Office Citybag here




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