In Brogue

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of blogging but lately time hasn’t been on my side.

I have lots of ideas and draft posts, just no time to complete or publish them right now.

I’ve literally just returned from a weekend in London visiting my friend and although there are a hundred other things I should be doing at the moment to prepare for the week ahead, I thought I’d just take some time out to post as it has been a long time since the last post.

I’m really surprised my blog is still receiving views each day, it’s spurring me on to get back to regular posting as I don’t want people to lose interest.

I seem to be buying a lot of shoes recently, I’m not sure if it’s because the latest collections are really good or if it’s just because I’m really busy/stressed and buying shoes always makes me feel better!

I have also surprised myself by buying a pair of shoes I never thought would be to my taste from a brand I didn’t expect to buy from until I was much much older…

I picked up these beautiful Brogues by Clarks from Very at almost half price.

In Brogue 2

As these are a deep plum colour, they go exceptionally well with my ever expanding collection of Grey clothing which is always a winner.  They also go great with black.  I prefer to wear them with Skirts/Dresses to avoid looking completely masculine.

I usually wear them travelling to/from work as I still prefer to wear heels all day.  If I wear flat shoes in the day, it’s a good indicator of a bad day.  However, they are very comfortable, smart and add a different dimension to an otherwise feminine outfit.

In Brogue 1



2 thoughts on “In Brogue

  1. Gorgeous shoes, I am also looking for something like this! Just discovered your blog and love it so following you now with Bloglovin!

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