Red is a colour I never used to wear.  I don’t really know why but I was never drawn to it.  Maybe I’ve always associated with Red with danger but there’s something about Red shoes that screams power!

For a while now, I’ve had the desire to find the perfect pair of Red Shoes.  I had an outfit idea in my mind and I was determined to find the shoes to complete the outfit. It was quite a difficult search though as they needed to be the right shade of Red which may sound silly but I knew exactly what I was looking for and I wasn’t prepared to settle for anything less.

I would have liked to have gone for the Kurt Geiger Britton shoes in Red – they are beautiful and very classic but I didn’t want to spend £250 on a pair of shoes that I may not get much wear out of.

Instead I settled on a pair from Office at a much more affordable price of £65.

Office 1.5

Office 1.3Office 1.7

I had particularly wanted to wear these Shoes for work paired with my Grey Suit. I don’t know why I decided on this, it’s maybe because I’m trying to wear more of the things that are sitting in my wardrobe with the tags on. I’ve had this suit for well over a year and I always just wear the trousers with a blouse or shirt.  I thought the Red Shoes would take away the masculinity of the suit and add some attitude to the overall look.

Suit 2

Suit Selfie 3

Suit Selfie 5 Suit Selfie 4

The look turned out exactly as I’d hoped it would and the Red Shoes certainly attracted plenty of attention.



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