Kurt Geiger

Anyone who knows me will know I am a huge fan of Kurt Geiger Shoes and own far too many pairs to count.

They’re always ahead of the game and I love some of their edgier styles.

A few weeks ago, I had been at Ikea to buy a new wardrobe.  I’m literally running out of space for all my clothes and shoes and decided to get rid of a bookcase and in it’s place, get a new wardrobe.  Who needs books now anyway?

That evening, I had just finished filling up the new wardrobe and I was pleased I still had a little bit of space left for any new purchases.  That’s when I received a Twitter notification which slightly puzzled me…


The reason I was puzzled was because I didn’t even know I’d entered the competition, never mind winning!!  It turns out I was automatically entered when I registered a 30% discount card which I got with last months issue of Elle Magazine.

I couldn’t believe it, I was totally over the moon.  I thought I had won those 3 pairs of shoes in the picture which I wouldn’t have been complaining about as they are lovely and would be great for summer.  I later found out I had won a £200 voucher to spend on what I pleased.

They certainly know how to make a girl happy.


When my gift card arrived last week, I couldn’t help but head straight to the store to select a new pair of shoes.  Patience is a virtue…

KG 1

KG 6

Kurt Geiger Gown – £125

I had my eye on these for a while and thought I’d get them while they had 25% off which also means my voucher can go that little bit further.

I didn’t want to spend it all at once so I limited myself to one pair for now.  These will be lovely in Summer with a nice tan.

KG 8

Thank you Kurt Geiger and Elle Magazine!



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