I Just Can’t Rely On You

I’m currently in the process of trying to get in shape for my next trip which is now less than 10 weeks away.  10 weeks may seem like enough time however the weeks have just been flying by recently and I know that it will quickly creep up so I need to get focused.

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to get up at 5.45am and head to the gym.  I’m full of good intentions in the evening but when that alarm goes off, it fills me with dread.  It’s getting easier now that it’s lighter in the mornings so that helps.  In order to give myself some extra motivation,  I thought I’d get some new gym wear and a new pair of Trainers  to encourage me to get back in the swing.  Can you see my thinking? Shopping = motivation! I’ve definitely got my priorities straight…

Nike 2

Nike 4


photo 1

Nike 4

Nike 6

Now I have the gear there is absolutely NO excuse! 5.45am alarm will now be a regular occurrence…

No pain no gain, is that what they say?  Well here’s what I say to that – Yawnnn!



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