Boat Day

Some of the best moments in life are those which are not captured in a picture.

Holiday 18

One of my favourite things to do when in Egypt is to head out on a boat.

Nothing beats being out in the open sea with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world.  It’s the best way to get away from it all and switch off from the trivial day to day concerns that we all have.

IMG_2514I love the vastness of the ocean, it makes me feel free.

Well, free until you come face to face with a shark that is!

Yes you heard right.  I had been happily snorkelling, minding my own business and had just came out of the water when one of the divers got quite excited about something underneath. Please note, this was the same diver who previously informed me that sharks prefer English meat.  I took this as a joke however I should really have taken it seriously…

Earlier in the day they had spotted a large manta ray so I thought it would probably be that and I put my mask on and went back in.

I was only in the water for a few seconds when I saw exactly what all the commotion was about!

I’m not a strong swimmer at all but in this moment I proved I can swim and I can swim FAST!

The shark took one look and started winding it’s way towards me – it was coming at speed and obviously thought I looked quite tasty!

I got out of the water so quick I could hardly breath.

It turned out to be a White Tip Reef Shark and although they are generally harmless and not interested in humans, it seemed to quite like the look of me.

It was a frightening experience but very exhilarating at the same time.

How many people can say they’ve come face to face with a shark in the wild?

Well now I can and I survived to tell the tale…

ContrastIMG_2541IMG_2519Holiday 20Boat 4IMG_2511Boat TripBoat 5Boat 9


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