Getting my hands on this Jumpsuit was most definitely fate.

One morning a few weeks ago, I saw someone on TV wearing it and I thought it looked absolutely beautiful.  I immediately knew it was from Reiss, I don’t remember seeing it before but from the style/shape and probably from the fact I spend far too much time shopping, I just knew that was where it was from.

I went straight on the website and searched for it under every category, you know just incase they hadn’t classed it as a ‘jumpsuit’ – serious shopper stalking technique!

After a fair amount of time, I had to come to terms with the fact that it was sold out.

Boohoo! Sometimes you don’t always get what you want, that’s life you’ve just got to deal with it.

I’m not that good at ‘not getting what I want’ though – spoiled bitch I hear you!

I scoured the world wide web and found a fellow blogger had featured it and managed to get the name which always helps when simple search terms fail.

The next day I decided to have another go just incase by some kind of miracle it was back in stock.

Well, you wouldn’t believe my luck.  Back in stock – ONLY in a size 6 but the best part of all – it was on sale!!

The race was on, I had to get it in my basket and through the checkout before someone stole it from me!

I’m relieved to say I won the race, I got it! Straight after I received my order confirmation I went back on the website and it was nowhere to be found. I obviously got the absolute last one which makes all that hard work even sweeter.

I know it all sounds a bit dramatic and to be honest, the fact I couldn’t get it at first and then ended up getting it made it seem like a game and I almost forgot I did actually pay for it and I might not even like it when I try it on!

Reiss 4-3I didn’t actually like it when I first tried it on, I absolutely LOVED it!

It’s beautiful and the material is heavenly.

I had to get it altered as it was too big however now it fits perfectly.

Reiss 2-2

Reiss 13-3

Reiss 11

Reiss 16

Reiss 15

Reiss Sierra Feather Print Jumpsuit – £115 was £195

It was meant to be…



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