Beach Day

With the temperature being around 43 degrees, we decided Sunday was a beach day. We headed to Jumeriah Beach Park and luckily for us it also turned out to be ladies day.

Walking from the entrance of the park to the beach was quite a challenge and then having to pull the sun loungers to our desired spot took quite an effort.  I couldn’t wait to get in the water to cool down.

I should have known from previous experience the water wouldn’t have been that cool and in fact was more like entering a hot bath.


I was only in the water for a few seconds when my leg started stinging and I thought I must have had a small cut.  After a minute or two I got out to have a look and I had a red rash around my knee.  I didn’t seem to have any cuts so it seemed a bit strange.  By this point my leg was really tingling so I went back to my sun lounger and dried off.

I tried to forget about it until a women started shouting ‘JELLYFISHHHHH’!

I didn’t know what a Jellyfish sting looked or felt like.  Obviously I’ve seen the friends episode but as with all TV programmes, sometimes things are exaggerated.  I turned to the answer of all life’s questions, the ever reliable – Google! Of course the pictures which appeared were extremely severe but when I started reading the symptoms, it did appear to be what I was experiencing.

Believe it or not the advice stated ‘NOT to pee on yourself’ – huge sigh of relief there.  They also advised not to put vinegar on it and I’m also glad I didn’t follow my mum’s advice of putting hand sanitizer on it, that would have definitely made things worse.  The only thing you should put on it is shaving foam which obviously being on a beach I did not have access to.

I decided to let it be, I just put an ice cold bottle of water against it and took some paracetamol to help with the discomfort.

It seemed to work as a few hours later it had improved greatly.  I think I need to reconsider whether entering the sea is a good idea for me.  Last time I came face to face with a shark and this time I attracted a jellyfish, I might not be so lucky next time…

Beach 6

Beach 4Beach 8

Beach 10

After the drama, we had a relaxing afternoon catching the sun rays and eating ice cream to stay cool.



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