They Always Come Back

As I’m a bit behind on posts, this is just a quick outfit post.

I’ve been wearing this outfit quite frequently recently with all the travelling I’ve been doing. It’s been the perfect combo to throw on but still allows you to stay comfortable and most importantly, keeps you warm whilst on the aircraft.



Edit 21

Blazer £49.99 – Zara

This blazer is new in from Zara and it’s very high quality. I’ve received a lot of comments on it whilst out and about. I didn’t really like it when I saw an ‘older’ woman in Cambridge wearing it on Saturday however that’s the downside of wearing High Street.


Edit 23

Jeans – £29.99 – Zara

These Jeans are also new in from Zara. They are the perfect fit and probably my favourite pair of jeans I’ve ever owned so far. Flattering but comfortable, affordable and on trend at the same time = winning!

Edit 1

Edit 2

You can easily take this look from day to evening by adding a pair of heels.

Edit 18Leopard Print Heels – £60 – Office

These are by far the lowest pair of heels I own but I really like them although it does feel funny walking in such a low heel. I almost feel like I am wearing flats, it’s very strange. I imagine it’s how people feel when they wear those hideous flatforms!

Edit 29

A versatile outfit that is smart yet casual and can be dressed up to take the look from day to evening.



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