My Little Box – Part 1

Following on from my Paris trip and before I share yet another travel post I thought I’d mix it up and share something lifestyle related.

Early in December I came across My Little Box which is a monthly subscription service similar to BirchBox and Glossybox etc.

For £11.00 + £3.95 postage, each month you get a box delivered with some goodies and treats which are always a surprise.

It’s part of the French brand ‘My Little Paris’ and it has converted over to the UK which is not entirely surprising. The design and combination of contents are always perfectly appropriate to the monthly theme. Inside you’ll find a combination of beauty products, a magazine and items related to the theme of that particular month.

As soon I came across the website, I immediately signed up. It’s something to look forward to each month and it’s exciting finding out what’s inside.

Here’s the first one I got, the Christmas Box in partnership with Blogger Fleur de Force.

The box is beautifully designed and can be used for storage after you’ve used the contents.My Little Box 76 My Little Box 73My Little Box 55My Little Box 56My Little Box 64My Little Box 58My Little Box 66

As you can see, 3 great beauty products were included in the December box. The L’Occitane Creme was my favourite by far and has been a total skin saviour for me these past few weeks with the harsh weather conditions we’ve had. Although I usually have oily skin, when the temperature gets as low as it is at the moment I find my cheeks get very dry and this has really helped. My only complaint would be how difficult it is to get the product out of the tub but I have resorted to using a cotton bud which also helps reduce the amount you use. At £45 for 50ml, it is a bit pricey but it will last long as you only really need a tiny amount each time.

 There were also some craft products in the Christmas box including gift tags, stickers and ribbon/string for wrapping. I’m quite pleased these were not festive themed as I had already wrapped all my Christmas gifts when I received the box. Aside from the Joyeux Noel tag, the others could be used on any gift giving occasion.

My Little Box 51My Little Box 91My Little Box 49My Little Box 80All in all I was really pleased with my first taster of My Little Box and couldn’t wait to see what the next one would include.

As I’m late with this post the next one has already arrived so stay tuned for the next edition…



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