My Little Frenchie Box

This is definitely my favourite of the little boxes I have received so far.

My Little Frenchie Box

My Little Frenchie Box 7

I received this on Thursday when I got home from a particularly difficult day at work. I was feeling negative and pretty deflated.

I opened up the outside packaging and drew the biggest smile when I saw the theme of the box. It couldn’t be more appropriate and after a stressful day, it was exactly what I needed.

I was even more delighted when I discovered the items inside.

My Little Frenchie BoxMy Little Frenchie Box 6My Little Frenchie Box 5

Phone Case / Kohl Eye Liner / Loreal Brow Artist Plumper / Oil Blotting Paper / Skin Illuminator / A Little Pot of Messages / My Little World Magazine

My favourite of all the items is the Little Pot of Messages.

Pot of messages 3

The first message I opened read:

‘True Parisians are those who always dream of Paris’

That’s me, pretty much all day every day…

This would actually be a very special personalised gift to give someone. You could write favourite song lyrics on little scraps of paper, roll up and secure with a ring or even just scrunch up. You could write some positive messages for someone who is going through a hard time or just general little pick me up’s that would lift anyone’s mood day to day. A nice little idea I will keep in mind for future.

All in all I am delighted with this month’s box and it will keep me going until my next trip to Paris in April.



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