CJG x 2

I’ve previously shared my strange habit of buying two pairs of the same pair of shoes. This allows me to have a ‘good’ pair so that when the first pair have been well and truly worn out, I have a brand spanking new pair ready and raring to go.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to break a habit and I’m no different. I’ve been at it again, buying two pairs of the same shoes except this time it was not intentional.

Topshop - CJG 3

I spotted a pair of CJG shoes in the Topshop sale however they didn’t have my size left in stock. I was a bit annoyed as I really wanted them especially as they were reduced from £130 to £40. They ended up completely sold out and what happens when you can’t get what you want? That’s right, you want it even more.

I checked back daily for a couple of weeks but they were completely sold out, until one sweet day. They had a size 5 in stock. I’m only a size 4 but at this point I was desperate and snapped up the 5 before anyone else had a chance.

Topshop - CJG 6Topshop - CJG 7

I especially love the gold detail on the front and at the heel. The green soles are lush and add a high quality luxurious finish.  Topshop - CJG 1Topshop - CJG 4

They arrived and I slipped an insole inside and wore them the very next day. They were still a little bit big but a thick pair of socks and some cotton wool done the job. I don’t know why but I went back on the Topshop website that day and low and behold, they had a size 4 in stock. Damn it!! I was already wearing them so there was no way I could return them. Any normal person would deal with it and move on but not me. Of course I purchased the size 4 and they will be my ‘good’ pair.

You wouldn’t expect any less would you?



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