Fifty Shades of Grey

This was an outfit pulled together at the last minute but it turned out quite well I think. I wore this for dress down Friday at work. I still like to dress professionally and more importantly, appropriately even though it’s dress down Friday. It’s still a normal working day and I’m a firm believer that first impressions are extremely important so I’d never want to get caught out wearing an ‘insignificant’ outfit on a ‘significant’ day. That is pretty much my worst nightmare therefore I always plan my outfits accordingly to ensure I never end up in that situation.

Fifty Shades of Grey 26Fifty Shades of Grey 22

The blouse is new in from Topshop. It’s lightweight which is great for summer and it sits well. It is really oversized though so I had to go for the petite option to avoid looking like I was wearing a sack.

Fifty Shades of Grey 35Fifty Shades of Grey 2

The trousers are old from Zara but I took the tag off and gave them their first outing. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last though. They are very comfortable, flattering and a perfect length for me.

Fifty Shades of Grey 36Fifty Shades of Grey 7

The shoes are also from Topshop. If you haven’t seen these already then where have you been? I think they must have been Topshop’s most wanted item recently. A beautiful pair of shoes which are surprisingly comfortable as long as you don’t cut off the circulation by tying the lace too tight like I did on Friday – oops!! I still had the indentation marks the next day but it was worth it obviously. All in the name of fashion…

Fifty Shades of Grey 16Fifty Shades of Grey 10Although we are in the middle of a freak heatwave (please make it last forever), a coat is usually necessary due to the typical unpredictable British weather. This one is also from Topshop and is light enough to be thrown on when required.

Fifty Shades of Grey 39Fifty Shades of Grey 4Fifty Shades of Grey 3Fifty Shades of Grey 11



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