Workwear Edit – Day 1


The start of the working week has arrived again and with this new week comes a week of workwear posts. Last week featured a lot of holiday posts but the reality is my holiday is over, it’s back to work and back to reality funnily enough.

As I’ve said previously, I believe first impressions are really important and how you present yourself is a representation of your personality.

I would rather be overdressed every single day than get caught out once feeling underdressed. For me there’s no worse feeling than not being appropriately dressed for the occasion. It automatically brings on a negative outlook and you are never going to feel confident or comfortable in that situation. My way of avoiding that is to always be dressed appropriately which is of course easier said than done and takes a great deal of planning but it is certainly worth it.

Monday’s are always busy and they call for practical outfits to allow you to deal with whatever situation may come your way.

Reiss Blazer 2Reiss Blazer 4Reiss Blazer 7Reiss Blazer 14Reiss Blazer 25Reiss Blazer 10

This is a new blazer I picked up from the Reiss sale. It was originally £225 but I managed to snap it up for £75 which I think is a great bargain. It’s a classic piece I’ll have in my wardrobe for years to come.

The trousers are also new from Topshop and come in at an even better bargain price of just £22. They are high waisted and tailored so perfect for a workwear wardrobe.

The shoes are old from Dune and they are extremely comfortable. People often ask how I manage all day in heels but I honestly don’t even think about it and with good quality shoes, you shouldn’t have to worry about nasty blisters or discomfort. I wear flat shoes travelling to and from work and last week my feet were wounded by a pair of flat shoes in the very short time I was wearing them. Life is aways better in heels…



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