Zara Jacquared Blazer

I love a good blazer and this one is a definitely a statement piece. I first came across this back in May but after trying on and whilst on my way to the cash desk, I spotted a lady of an older generation with it over her arm. I don’t know why but it just put me off buying it. I put it back but I did really like and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I caved and made the purchase.

I returned from holiday to find it in the Zara sale and I somehow managed to snap it up in my size before it sold out.

Zara Jacquared Blazer 7 Zara Jacquared Blazer 8

It’s structured and I especially love the shape at the back. It’s also quite lightweight and perfect for the cool summer evenings.

Zara Jacquared Blazer 17

The basic white tee is from Topshop. I think this is the first time I’ve owned a v-neck t-shirt but I quite like it. The jeans are also from Zara.

Zara Jacquared Blazer 13Zara Jacquared Blazer 16

The Black Ghillie Heels are from Topshop. I adore these shoes and I’m constantly creating outfits around them to try and get as much wear out of them as possible.

Zara Jacquared Blazer 10 Zara Jacquared Blazer 11 Zara Jacquared Blazer 12



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