Workwear Essentials – Part 1 – Shoes

I have key staple items in my workwear wardrobe which I wear day in day out but it’s important to change it up now and then to keep it feeling fresh. Someone at work once said to me ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear the same outfit twice’ and I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a compliment that is. There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same thing twice and I definitely have recycled outfits more than twice trust me but by tweaking even just one part of that outfit that you usually wear, you’ll find it feels different which will in turn make you feel better and you never know who might notice…

First up – Shoes

For me, shoes are probably the most important part of any outfit. I’m very much a ‘shoeaholic’ and I often plan what to wear around the shoes. For work, it’s crucial to have smart but comfortable shoes. I always wear heels for work but I wear flat shoes to travel to and from the office so I will include some of these options for those who don’t wear heels. My main reason for wearing flat shoes travelling to and from work is to keep my heels in good condition. I’ve had most of the shoes I wear for work for quite some time and I take care of them which ensures I get the most wear out of them and also my money’s worth.

Shoe Collage

I always opt for classic styles when it comes to shoes for work as I rely on being able to wear them with any outfit. Black and Neutral are easy winners although a red power heel is always a good option for those days when you feel like running the world haha!

Flat ShoesAbove are just a few pairs of flat shoes I wear travelling to/from the office.



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