Workwear Essentials – Part 2 – Bags

Where would we be without our trusty handbags which hold our most prized possessions and accompany us everywhere we go? I certainly don’t know. Bags are an essential item in any wardrobe and a reliable bag for work is crucial.


As I take a change of shoes each day, I always opt for a larger handbag for work. I usually prepare my lunch as well so I prefer a bag with lots of compartments to keep everything separate.

Warehouse Bag

Saying that, this bag has no compartments and only one small pouch for keys/phone/lip balm. I really like the shape and structure of this bag though and it’s actually the first black handbag I’ve ever had which seems strange. I’ve always opted for grey or tan before now.

Bag – Warehouse.

Zara City Bag 2

This bag is from Zara and I’ve had it for a long time now. It’s my favourite bag for work as it has lots of compartments which helps keep everything separate. Being grey, it also goes with almost any outfit.


I got the above Fiorelli Bag around Christmas time and again it’s perfect for work as it has plenty of compartments.

On Friday’s I sometimes take a smaller bag. Below are a couple of my everyday bags.

Everyday Bags



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