Monday Again

Monday’s just seems to come around so quickly. It’s the start of yet another working week and another workwear post.

H&M Trousers 5H&M Trousers 9H&M Trousers 11H&M Trousers 10H&M Trousers 4H&M Trousers 8 H&M Trousers 6

I’m a huge fan of patterned trousers and these are a great pair from H&M. The length and fit are perfect and at £12.99, I certainly can’t complain.

H&M Trousers 17 H&M Trousers 18 H&M Trousers 19 H&M Trousers 20H&m Trousers 12H&m Trousers 14

Grey & Navy Blazer – Zara / Trousers – H&M – now £8 / Structured Top – Zara / Shoes – Massimo Dutti



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