One thing you should never take for granted…


I was without wi-fi for 3 days and it literally felt like the end of the world. We have become so reliant on the internet that we cannot function without it now. I obviously had access on my mobile but blogging from a mobile is not ideal and I inevitably used all of my data allowance, purchased more then also used all of that as well. Personally, I blame Snapchat. It literally eats data and battery life too but it’s addictive and I couldn’t stop myself from using it.

So what do you do when you don’t have wi-fi? (excluding visiting family and politely asking for their wifi passwords) – Yes I did that!

I went shopping of course. Yesterday was a lovely day so I headed into Glasgow for some much needed Retail Therapy.


All my prayers were answered when I returned home and as if in perfect symmetry, a courier van pulled up and delivered our new router which finally resolved all the wifi problems and life can now continue. Happy days.



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